Teen Titans Go! 2.27

“Crazy Day” 1/29/15

Robin, Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy all compete for Captain of Crazy Day which angers Raven till a she retreats inside her head while some other force takes over her body and actually does a great job of beign the craziest which pisses Robin off. MEanwhile inside her head sh has to go throug a series of trials to lead her to the force which turns out to be her dad but she lets the other titans make him go crazy.

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Teen Titans Go! 2.26

“Robin Backwards” 1/22/15 Nibor from Bizarro World shows up and the team likes him better than Robin.  Robin goes to Bizzaro World and the team doesn’t like him there either.

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Teen Titans Go! 2.25

“Mouth Hole” 1/8/15 Robin can’t whistle. The team decides to only talk in whistles as a full immersion therapy. But that doesn’t work. So Raven send him to the whistle master a magical teapot. The Hive attacks the team and Robin whistles them into defeat. Teen Titans Go! is good tvthatiwatch.

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Teen Titans Go! 2.24

“The Best Robin” 12/4/14 The team is too lazy to do anything so Robin calls Team Robin – Jason Todd, Carrie Kelley and Tim Drake and the team takes advantage of them to do all their work. Brother Blood shows up and captures the team so Team Robin shows up and they get captured and then Super Robin shows up and saves everyone. Teen Titans Go! is good tvthatiwatch.

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State Of Affairs 1.02

“Secrets & Lies” 11/24/14

A Russian sub goes down in a storm. A communications officer kill 2 soldiers sends up a buoy and speaks english.  Charlie’s team picks up the signal and he says he is an undercover agent and the subs mission was to tap the super secret fiber cables and record the data. Its on the sub now.

Skinner was fired and / still shows up to work.

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State Of Affairs 1.01

“Pilot” 11/17/14

Charleston is in a therapists office trying to deal with the fact a year ago she and the VP? were in a firefight in some foreign land and Charlie’s fiance, Erin, and the VP’s son was killed. She lashes out with alcohol and wild sex.

In the morning rundown, a man working relief efforts in Africa, who looks surprisingly like the VP’s son, is abducted by terrorists. Meanwhile, Fatah the terrorist that killed Erin, has possibly surfaced and Chralie has to make the decision to tell POTUS about the hostage they can save or the terrorist they might be able to take out. She votes for the hostage and does the Presidents daily breifing.

Meanwhile Director Skinner brings a diplomat into the “Vault” and he has been recording everything going on there. Skinner finds out about the terrorist and suspends Charlie so she goes rogue and calls up a friend who nabs the diplomat finds the recording device and the damning evidence. Charlie confronts POTUS and tells her why she did what she did. They save the Hostage.

Some mystery man, Nick, is in her home. She tells him she has been receiving mystery texts. He says he hopes no one finds out that Fatah was her CIA informant.

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Outlander 1.03

“The Way Out” 8/23/14

Claire decides to tell Mrs. Ftiz she is a woman out of time only Mrs Fitz thinks she is a wtich and smacks her. It was a dream.

Master MacKenzie summons Claire to massage his legs ans she does his spine which helps a lot.

He invites her to the lute player that evening. Jamie drops in and only has eyes for Claire. Which kind of upsets Laoghaire. A child dies of “possession” after visiting a old destroyed monestary and another comes down with the same symptoms. Another child steals and the magistrate decides his punishment should be to lose his hand. Gaylus convinces the magistrate to just nail his ear to the wall. Jamie and Claire go to the monestary and she recognizes a local plant as being Lily Of The Valley not Wood Garlic.  She creates anti-toxin and goes head to head with the local priest who is performing an exorcism and Mrs. Fitz takes a stand with her.  She cures the boy. That night everyone thinks her a witch for taming the demon. Jamie brings her to hear the musician and translates the song the lute player is singing about touching a rock and traveling back to in time but touching it again and returning.

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