The Mysteries of Laura 1.11

“The Mystery Of The Frozen Foodie” 1/7/15

A frozen dead guy shows up in a dump truck.

They track him to a sex anonymous group.

Which leads them to a restaurant.  He was a sous chef and didn’t show up to work today. Another person didn’t show up for work too.  During the day he runs a food truck. Laura asks him out on a date.

A past drug dealer turned organic farmer says he was planning on going into business with the dead guy but he backed out because he got money from somewhere else.

Something about a food critic who couldn’t taste so got the dead guy to taste for her.

The dead guy actually didn’t get the money from somewhere else, he spent it on a condo with a crib. Turns out its the the restaurant owner’s wife. He knocked her up.

The Mysteries of Laura is fun tvthatiwatch.

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