The Librarians 1.10

“And The Loom Of Fate”

The team is fighting mummies and Flynn shows up and saves them.

Flynn seem to think a sarcophogus will give him the coordinates to The Library.

The team uses The Clipping Book to power Tesla’s Coil which will power the globe to the location of The Library.

Dulaque stabs Lamia and transports to the river of time and the loom of fate, Dulaque cuts the loom and Eve pops into a reality that Flynn is a professor and Jake is the Librarian.  He kisses her.

New universe  and Jones is the Librarian.

New universe and a dragon flies over head and Lamia shoots Flynn in the neck and tazes Eve. Cassandra is the librarian and a magician.

Skipping from thread to thread of the frayed time lines.

Flynn decide to use the three constants which are the librarians to take them back to her timeline.

Meanwhile, back at the River Of Time, Dulaque turns out to be Lancelot.

Galahad is Jenkins!!! They battle.

Flynn returns back to himself and Jenkins and he return to the annex.  Flynn finishes the story and with Eve’s blood makes the door open to the library.  He gets the vial to fix any mortal wound and saves her.  Everything turns back to normal. The library give Cassandra, Jake and Jones each a mini clipping book to go on their own adventures.  Cassanda picks one and the guys decide to join her.

Flynn and Eve go on their own adventure too.

The Librarians is surprisingly entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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