The Flash 1.13

“The Nuclear Man” 2/10/15

Ronnie Raymond visits an old friend of Martin Stein in the hopes he can help him but instead he goes nova and kills him. Barry goes on a date with Linda but when he gets aroused he vibrates so he has to leave.

Caitlin and Harrison start to look into the circumstances behind the death. Which leads them to Martin’s wife and then finally Ronnie. But Ronnie is about to go nuclear because he fused with Martin and the rejection is causing an isothermic reaction. Harrison steals a piece of technology from his suit and creates a widget that should separate them. They strap it on but he goes nuclear anyways and Barry has to outrun the shockwave. Cut to the military sensing the explosion and General Wade Eiling says get me Firestorm.

Cisco and Joe decide to head to Barry’s parent old house to see if there is any evidence of metahumans.  The old mirrors in the house could very well have photographed the attack. Cisco 3D recreates what he can and they find blood samples. They run them through the system and Joe wants to check them against Harrison but Cisco says it can’t be him.  One is inconclusive and the other is Barry but older.


The Flash is really good tvthatiwatch.

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