The Blacklist 1.22

“Berlin:Conclusion” 5/12/14

The aftermath of the plane crash and the survivors are being interviewed. All talk about a man handcuffed who is cutting his hand off.

Red gets thrown in jail.

Lizzie tells everyone that Red can help find Berline.

Red gets a visit by Fitch then gets transported.  He breaks out of custody and tells Lizzie the whole team is in danger. Ressler and Meera a bringing people in.

Meera gets her throat slit.

They visit the security officers from the plane that Berlin cut his hand off and he tells the story of a man who was in the KGB and his daughter fell in love with a dissident so was arrested.  The KGB colonel had it arranged for her to escape. But the soviets didn’t like that so put him in a siberian jail.  They mailed him pieces of her, He sharpened one of her bones and killed all the guards.

Chief Cooper gets his throat garroted too.

Red tells Lizzie that killing Sam was the hardest thing he ever had to do as he loved him and she can never know the name of her father as he died in a fire, the fire that Red saved her from and brought her to Sam from.

Red gets intel on Berlin from Fitch. He raids his hideout and takes him. Shoots him in the hand. Shoots him in the hip.

Tom finds Lizzie and takes her hostage.

Then Red shoots Berlin in the head.

Tom shoots Red in the shoulder and Tom and Lizzie fight and she shoots him three times in the stomach. Before he dies he whispers something to her. But his body is missing when the FBI come to the scene.

The team figures out Berlin cut his own hand off.

Red is tending to his shoulder and we see the burn marks from the past.

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