The Blacklist 1.21

“Berlin” 5/5/14

A security guard working in an armored truck gets sick and passes out at the bank.

Lizzie lets the FBI in on Tom’s betrayal.

Tom captures Reddingtons tail on him.

Lizzie quits and never wants to work with Red again but he reels her in with one last case.

The victim came down with the Culun virus.

Red takes Lizzie to see a specialist in virus’ but he’s lost his mind.

But he is able to give them space agent UDX1429 which turns out to be a CDC researcher.

He was injecting people with a virus and making them do his bidding before giving them the antidoes. so she injects him with the virus too.

Red gives her Tom’s code book.

She figures out that the Blacklist cases are all linked and Red is using them to fortify himself against an attack.

She arranges to meet him at a park and tells Red to run but he doesn’t at the FBI come for him.

Meanwhile all the infected people are an plan to let an airplane with Berlin on it land but the task force blocks the plane from landing then they launch f-16 fighter planes to take it out. The burning plane flies overhead of head and the FBI and Red says “And so it begins.”

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