The Blacklist 1.20

“The Kingmaker” 4/28/14

A man gets abducted and wakes up in a hotel room with a dead male escort in Prague.

Red thinks its the Kingmaker.

The Kingmaker tells a politician to be on a bridge at a certain time.  A truck runs him off the road with his wife and child in the car.  He heroicly saves them both.

Red goes to Alan Fitch and tells him even though they are mortal enemies he needs to protect Red as he is being attacked and if he loses all the data he has on the secret cabal could come out.  The cabal votes against helping him. And Red says he plans to go after them when he survives this attack on himself.

The Kingmaker goes to a Senator and tells him to retire, then shoots him just as Beth and and Donald show up.  Fighty-fight and Donald shoots the kingmaker. They arrest the politician.

Beth gets evidence (from Tom) that Red was at the hospital at the time of her father death.  She confronts him and he says yes I was there and I killed him only becuase he was dying and begged me to do it.

The Blacklist is entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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