The Blacklist 1.18

“Milton Bobbit” 3/31/14

A woman gets in a cab and the driver crashes them into back of a truck.  a creepy man with no nose is growing mushrooms.  He is called the Undertaker.  He hires terminal patients to kill his victims.  A murder/suicide thing. A woman lights a senator and then herself on fire.

The undertaker convinces another terminal ill man to kill someone but Liz and Ressler stops him.

He decides to do the last one himself.  Apparently its an executive of a clinical trial that he did or didn’t get into. Ressler arrests the executive and gets him away from the Undertaker who goes boom.

Liz decides to start delving into Tom’s life. He re-propose to her so she surprises him with another wedding bringing his brother into town.  She gets the brothers fingerprints and has Red run them. She tracks him down and tries to get some answers. Red comes to help but the brother gets a call from Tom who is getting uneasy that he won’t see him. Tom mentions Berlin. When Red and Liz asks the brother about it he leaps out the window to his death. The Blacklist is entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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