The Blacklist 1.16

“Mako Tanida” 3/10/14

A prisoner escapes a japanese prison and exacts revenge on an FBI agent that wronged him when they tried to take down Red.

Jolene stops by after bumping into Beth on the street. She then proceeds to Tom’s safehouse and asks for an update on where he is with Red.

Tanida takes another FBI agents out then takes a pass at Ressler and kills his girlfriend.

Red tells the cowboy to bring him Jolene.

Ressler meets with Red and tells him he wants to take out Tanida and Red tells him to back away before he goes down a dark path but he goes there anyway and hunts him.

The Cowboy goes to take Jolene but Tom knocks him out.

Ressler finds Tanida.

Tom kills Jolene then the Cowboy because he feels compromised. The Blacklist is entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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