The 100 2.06

“Fog of War” 12/3/14

Mount Weather is apparently jamming all signals and that is why they can’t find other archships. So Clark, Abby and Raven get a team to rescue her friends.

The leader of the grounder camp Jaha and Kane are in comes down and says how dare you send an assassin to our camp. One of you must die by the others hand.

The Doctor at Mount Weather says we should use the other spacemen to fix our blood but he says no we must have volunteers. Jasper tries to get some but gets no takes then Maya comes by and shows them the grounders they are bloodletting and says she think if they don’t agree they are next.

An acid cloud attacks the team.

Finn and Clarke get trapped together.

Bellamy, Octavia and 2 agents find a parking garage.

Raven figures out the frequency Mount Weather is using and listens int othe transmissions and finds out they created the “Veil”, the acid fog.

The two agents gets attacked by reavers. Bellamy and Octavia find them and Lincoln happens to be one of them.

Kane decides to sacrifice himself for peace. But Jaha takes the Chick hostage.

But the chick sent to watch them kill each other is actually the commander and she beats the crap out of Jaha and says I’ll talk to Kane.

Monty gives blood.

Jaha shows up at Arc Station and says the ground say you have two days to leave of die.

The 100 is really good tvthatiwatch.

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