State Of Affairs 1.01

“Pilot” 11/17/14

Charleston is in a therapists office trying to deal with the fact a year ago she and the VP? were in a firefight in some foreign land and Charlie’s fiance, Erin, and the VP’s son was killed. She lashes out with alcohol and wild sex.

In the morning rundown, a man working relief efforts in Africa, who looks surprisingly like the VP’s son, is abducted by terrorists. Meanwhile, Fatah the terrorist that killed Erin, has possibly surfaced and Chralie has to make the decision to tell POTUS about the hostage they can save or the terrorist they might be able to take out. She votes for the hostage and does the Presidents daily breifing.

Meanwhile Director Skinner brings a diplomat into the “Vault” and he has been recording everything going on there. Skinner finds out about the terrorist and suspends Charlie so she goes rogue and calls up a friend who nabs the diplomat finds the recording device and the damning evidence. Charlie confronts POTUS and tells her why she did what she did. They save the Hostage.

Some mystery man, Nick, is in her home. She tells him she has been receiving mystery texts. He says he hopes no one finds out that Fatah was her CIA informant.

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