Outlander 1.03

“The Way Out” 8/23/14

Claire decides to tell Mrs. Ftiz she is a woman out of time only Mrs Fitz thinks she is a wtich and smacks her. It was a dream.

Master MacKenzie summons Claire to massage his legs ans she does his spine which helps a lot.

He invites her to the lute player that evening. Jamie drops in and only has eyes for Claire. Which kind of upsets Laoghaire. A child dies of “possession” after visiting a old destroyed monestary and another comes down with the same symptoms. Another child steals and the magistrate decides his punishment should be to lose his hand. Gaylus convinces the magistrate to just nail his ear to the wall. Jamie and Claire go to the monestary and she recognizes a local plant as being Lily Of The Valley not Wood Garlic.  She creates anti-toxin and goes head to head with the local priest who is performing an exorcism and Mrs. Fitz takes a stand with her.  She cures the boy. That night everyone thinks her a witch for taming the demon. Jamie brings her to hear the musician and translates the song the lute player is singing about touching a rock and traveling back to in time but touching it again and returning.

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