Outlander 1.02

“Castle Leoch” 8/17/14

The squad shows up to Castle Leoch. Claire dresses Jamie’s wounds and sees that he bares the scars of a nasty flogging. Major Randall apparently raped his sister and he objected and got flogged. Mrs. Fitz dresses her then she meets the Lord of the Castle, Master MacKenzie, who suffers from a debilitating muscle and bone degenerative disease. He offers her passage back to Inverness but five days from now. Over dinner he questions her about her name and history. The next day she bring Jamie lunch and changes his bandages. She attends court that night and Jamie takes a girl, Laoghaire, accoused of loose moral’s punishment. Colum decides to not let Claire leave and makes her stay as his healer because he believes she has secrets.

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