Gotham 1.16

“The Blind Fortune Teller” 2/16/15

Barbara comes back home to Selina and Ivy.

Jim and Leslie go to the circus and a fight breaks out between the Flying Grayson’s and the Lloyd clowns. The snake charmer Lyla Belesca turns up dead. She was a little bit of a slut. Her son Jerome (soon to be the Joker) is upset.

Paul Cicero a psychic shows up with a message from Lyla.

“The serpent of the devil lies in the iron sisters.” Lee makes Jim follow a lead to a park where they find a hatchet as evidence.

Fish decides to make a play against the organ harvesters.

Barbara gets all dressed up and sees Jim making out with Lee

Penguin is not running the club well so Zassaz brings a reprogrammed Butch in to help.

Bruce goes to a board meeting.

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