Gotham 1.15

“The Scarecrow” 2/9/15

Stephen Crane is stealing more adrenal glands of people and injecting himself with it to conquer fear. Then he tries the procedure on his son Jonathan.

Penguin appeals to Falcone and he gives him Fish’s bar.

Leslie gets the ME job at the precinct.

Penguin brings Gordon an invitation to the bar opening.

Bruce goes for his annual walk in the woods without his dad this time. He falls down a ridge and sprains his ankle. Alfred waits for him atop the ridge.

Fish wakes up in some weird underground prison. She confronts the leader of the prision MAce and stabs him in the neck. A prisoner returns with no eyes.

Gordon and Bullock track down Crane but not before he inject’s his son with an overdose thereby creating the scarecrow.

Gotham is really good tvthatiwatch.

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