Constantine 1.10

“A Whole World Out There” 1/30/15

College kids perform a mystical ceremony which transports them to a house in alternate dimension. They snap back and the next day one of the students sees a man in the reflection who strangles him to death. John goes to see Richie to tell him the bad news about their mutual friend. One by one the other students get murdered till there is only one. Richie recognises that one of his books is missing. The kids recreated a spell that

Jacob Shaw did wherein he created his own reality and ruled it but as a psychopathmaking a game out of killing his victims. The last girl gets transported there and John and Richie have to go after here. They confront Jacob and he crucifies John and slits Richie’s wrists. John tells Richie he can control his own reality and he takes over Jacob’s world destroying him but by destroying him the house starts to crumble so John and Richie and the girl have to escape the house. The end up in a beautiful field created by Richie. Richie sends the girl back and then decides he is going to stay but johntells him he is a coward for running from reality then Richie sends him back to our dimension. John hopes his friend doesn’t chicken out and he returns too

Constantine is tvthatiwatch.

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