Arrow 3.13

“Canaries” 2/11/15

Laurel and Sara are fighting and Sara bests her. 48 hours earlier Arrow and Speedy are chasing a criminal and Canary stops him and Arrow yells at her.

Werner Zytle is on his way to court and vertigo’s the cop who starts shooting people.

Oliver shows Thea the Arrowcave then comes clean that Malcolm and he are working to take down Ras.

Vertigo tags Canary when she goes after him and Arrow has to save her.

Thea sleeps with the DJ and she figures out he is trying to poison her and they fight then Roy pops in and Merlin does too and the DJ takes poison to evade them.

Arrow makes a choice to bring Canary to take down Vertigo. He doses her again and she owns up to being her own version of Canary and takes him down.

Laurel tells Quentin about Sara’s death.

Oliver and Thea go to the island. I hate the island.

Arrow is really good tvthatiwatch.

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