Agent Carter 1.06 “A Sin To Err” 2/10/15

Peggy starts to look into the widow program by going through the roster of women Stark slept with. She thinks that he was bamboozled by a widow

Sousa finds the guy Peggy beat up and shows him her picture and he confirms she was the one.

Dottie beats the crap out a dentist which just happens to be right across the street of the SSR.  The psychiatrist they rescued last episode is in her sights and she signals to him and he signals back.

Sousa shows the director all the evidence against Peggy and they send a squad of SSR men to take her out but she takes them all out. She cold cocks Jack and Sousa tells her to stop but she says its bigger than you think it is. The Psychiatrist makes one of the agents walk in front of a truck.

Peggy runs back to The Griffin and gets Steve’s blood. The SSR storms the Griffin and PEggy has to escape out the window. Angie sees her and help by acting them out of her room. She takes off and sees

Dottie who ends up kissing Peggy with the night night lip gloss and just as she is about the kill her the SSR shows up and takes Peggy into custody.

Agent Carter is ok tvthatiwatch.

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