Arrow 3.12

“Uprising” 2/4/15
The team is trying to defend the glades against Brick’s chaos.
Oliver decides to leave the shack and head back to Starling city. Katana follows.
The team can’t keep up with everything so Quentin gives them everything he has on Brick to help find him. The ballistics on some bullets in the case files lead to a single gun that leads to Brick. One of the case files is Malcolm’s wife.
Merlin has a camera inside the Arrow cave and has been watching them.
Roy and Laurel triangulate where he is. Fighty fight only he bests them and then Merlin shows up and shoots him and collapses the ceiling. He proposes he works with them. Everyone votes against it.
Instead they rally everyone one in the Glades including Wildcat to kick ass. Huge fighty fight and Merlin throws down with Brick besting him and Arrow!!!! shows up and says don’t kill him, be a better man for Thea. Sin drops the bomb to Quentin that Canary was not Sara.
Oliver wants Merlin to train him to stop Ras.
Arrow is really good tvthatiwatch.

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