The Librarians 1.09

“City Of Light” 1/18/15
An alien conspiracist is looking into mysterious lights and gets chased into town when he sees mysterious figures. Their eyes and hands glow and they make him disappear. When the team shows up, Jones and Eve get attacked and Eve runs into a lamp post and then disappears. Jenkins finds a way to see the alternate power source. Cassandra goes to the source and Jones sees Eve and follows and she shows him the locals are being body snatched. They chase him and he takes out a lamp post and the people revert back to normal. Cassandra finds out Tesla created the lamps and tried a DC power network in the town but it went wrong and everyone in the town died 100 years ago. Tesla tried to bring everyone back but realized he would need a huge amound of power so created a capacitor to store the power from the dam for the last one hundred years. They fix all the lamps and power up the system and Cassandra realizes the system has a 50/50 chance of blowing up and destroying huge portion of the earth. They decide to power it down instead of risking it. Jenkins makes Eva do a report so 100 years from now the next set of librarians can try to get them out. The Librarians is surprisingly entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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