The 100 2.05

“Human Trials” 11/19/15
Clarke is reunited with her mom finally. Then leaves camp and goes to look for Finn and Murphy,
Lincoln get injected with a highly addictive drug and then try pavlov training with sound on him.
Jasper asks where Clarke is and President Wallace tells him she left and he can go after her if he wants.
Maya gets radiation poisoning somehow and the doctor tells Jasper they can try a blood transfusion on her and that will cure her.
Kane brings his prisoner to the grounders camp and tells his team to leave him behind to work on peace. Then he releases his prisoner and gets the crap beat out of him. His prisoner takes him to his camp and throws him in a hole where Jaha is too.
Finn and Murphy run across some grounders and catch their food supply on fire and then run around looking for their people and Finn goes batshit crazy and starts killing people randomly.
The 100 is really good tvthatiwatch.

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