Agent Carter 1.05

“The Iron Ceiling” 2/3/15
Young girls in the widow program training.
Dottie looks menacingly at Peggy after she leaves.
They get a message on the typewriter but its in code. Peggy swoops in and figures out
Jack and Peggy head to russia to look into leviathan possibly purchasing tech from Stark. They meet up with the 107 the Howling Commandoes.
Sousa happens to see two bullet wounds in Peggy’s shoulder and then remembers the blonde in the photo has the same wounds.
The find a school room that looks very american. A little girl stabs Duggan then shoots / killing him.
Dottie breaks into her apartment and looks around to find things. She gets photos of Stark stuff.
The team finds an Engineer and psychiatrist trying to rebuild Starks work.
Soldiers arrive. Big shoot out. A little girl shoots a couple more. Jack freezes. The Engineer takes an american hostage and the Psychiatrist shoots him. More shooty shoot. Duggan shows up to help. Peggy snaps Jack out of it and they escape.
Agent Carter is ok tvthatiwatch.

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