The Flash 1.12

“Crazy For You” 2/3/15
A girl with teleporting abilities, Shawna Baez, breaks her boyfriend Clay Parker out of Iron Heights prison.
Cisco looks into Firestorm then asks Harley about it and he tells them about Professor Stein and how he and Ronnie fused.
Clay owes Marcus Stockhiemer a lot of money so they pull off a heist and Flash shows up but Peek-A-Boo teleports around him and then then Clay shoots him in the neck and they teleport out.
Barry and Caitlin go karaokeing and he gets Linda Park’s digits.
Barry’s dad gets stabbed.
When Marcus finds out Peek-A-Boo can teleport he makes her work for him.
They rob an armored car and Flash fights with her and remembers she can only teleport where she can see so he knocks out all the lights.
Barry goes on a lunch date with Linda.
He also visits his dad, who has figured out he is the Flash.
Meanwhile in the sewers someone has been writing Grod on the walls and then a gorilla attacks them
The Flash is really good tvthatiwatch.

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