The Blacklist 1.14

“Madeline Pratt” 2/24/14
A woman claiming to be Mrs. Reddington shows up and takes the contents of Red’s safety deposit box. When he finds her she asks for a favor. Find a taihbetian effigee with a supposed secret list called the Kugar 6 inside naming 6 russian spies still active.
Cooper confronts Red about Diane Fowler.
Beth goes undercover as a thief for Pratt. When Beth shows up to the event with Red, Pratt is already there. When she goes to steal the effigee, its already missing and alarms go off. Red comes to save Bath and Pratt makes off with the effigee. Turns out the 6 Russian spies aren;t spies but bombs from the 60’s in america. Red catches up to Pratt and they both get captured off the street. Red gets beat. Tells a heartwrenching story and Pratt gives up the location o f the bombs only Red was fooling her. The FBI chases down the effigee and find it empty t=hen Red trades the coordinates for the effigee.
Tom feigns going on vacation to meet with jolene Parker at a convention. The Blacklist is entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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