Gotham 1.14

“The Fearsome Dr. Crane” 2/2/15
A man in a fedora hangs someone off the edge of a building killing him.
Fish calls Maroni just as Penguin is telling him he killed her.
Selina is in Gordon’s condo and tells him she didn’t see anything.
Bruce releases Gordon from his obligation of finding his parents killer.
Nigma inspects the building guy’s body and gets caught with his hand inside him. He gets put on suspension.
A guy gets abducted by a Fedora man with a pig.
Later Bullock and Gordon run across a man in a pig mask and shoot him to death.
Maroni and Penguin go out to a cabin and Maroni confronts him and Penguin tries to shoot him but the gun is loaded with blanks.
Gordon meets Leslie for a date and asks her about a forensics case.
Bullock goes to a phobia meeting as the victims were all members of the meeting. A member steals the girl Bullock was enamored with.
Maroni puts Penguin in a car and then crushes it but he escapes.
Dr. Crane dumps her in the pool as she has a fear of drowning.
Bullock saves her and Crane gets away.
Leslie makes Gordon kiss her.
Gotham is really good tvthatiwatch.

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