The Librarians 1.07

“And The Rule Of Three” 1/11/15
A student going to the Chicago STEM fair to showcase diseases gets a disease the morning before. The team goe sto the fair and a students baking soda volcano exploded. Jones notices some freaky physics going on. 3 goth students set up to perform a ritual but it ends up really just setting up a proposal to the prom. A swarm of bugs come out of a student. Jenkins gets a machine to finds magical devices and Jones finds a cell phone with an app that is a spell. Apparently 27 people are using the app which is three times three times three amount of powergoing dangerouly haywire.
The woman leading the fair stumbles into the library annex and Jenkins calls Eve back and then introduces her to the woman, Morgan LaFay. Apparently her and Jenkins go way back. Cassandra figures out that LaFay created a pentagram around the girl who everyone is most angered by and uses the legs of the pentagram as a faraday cage for magical backlash that is coming. It goes off and LaFay and Eve have a conversation in the seconds in between. LaFay says the end is coming and the power from the spell gives her enough to jump to another realm. Then she gives a message to give to Jenkins “Don’t worry about the villian, worry about the hero”. The Librarians is surprisingly entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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