The Librarians 1.06

“And the Fables of Doom” 1/4/15
The team shows up to Bremin to investigate a truck running off the road by a giant troll. The mayor is jogging naked. And a giant wolf shows up which Jake throws a Ax at and kills. Fables are coming to life. Jenkins wants the wolf for an autopsy and out pops a girl.
Everyone starts to turn into incarnations.
Cassandra becomes Prince Charming, Jake the hunter, Eve the Princess and Jones the trickster. The local sheriff becomes the incarnation of the big bad wolf and starts chasing them down.
Jones follows a coin to a little girl who is very sick. The local librarian found a book by Thompson Dieter that saps the strength of the listener and has been draining the little girl. The crew Jones gets the book and gives it to the girl who rewrites it to favor them to save the day.
The Librarians is surprisingly entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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