The 100 2.04

“Many Happy Returns” 11/12/15
Jaha is the in the desert and gets found by a kid named Zoren and Sienna.
The squad runs across a downed section of the arc with bodies littered everywhere. They hear a voice and see a girl on a ledge below. One of the guys goes down to save her and the other idiots just watch as his cord unties and he falls to his death. Then they get excited and decide to save her. As Bellamy descends to get her they get attacked by Grounders. When they all rally and pull them up, Octavia shows up.
Anya and Clarke run around in the woods but they are chased by Mount Weathermen because Anya has a chip in her arm but Anya rips it out with her mouth. Then Clarke stabs her in the neck with one of the darts and drags her to the drop ship where she sees a message then they beat the shit out of each other for a long time. But Clarke sees a weather balloon and stops fighting even though she was going to win.
Raven gets tasked with helping Wick beef up the radio signal but her bum leg is bumming her out. Wick makes leg brace to help her out but she is too proud. Then she relents.
Sienna’s husband turns Jaha over to someone for a horse.
Clarke and Anya show up at Arc City and Clarke says we can defeat Mount Weather if we work together and Anya says she will do her best and then goes to meet her people but her shot in the stomach then Clarke gets shot in the shoulder and a Arc police knock them both out.
The 100 is really good tvthatiwatch.

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