The 100 2.03

“Reapercussions” 11/5/14
Clarke breaks out Anya by going through an exit door that takes them down a dead body shoot where they pretend they are dead and get carted away by Reavers.
The squad that Abby let chase after Clarke and the others run across some grounders with Clarke’s watch.
Octavia offers to help the grounders and the leader says kill her.
Monty tells Jasper he is worried that Clarke is not around.
Clarke and Anya run around in the Reaper tunnels but they separate. Clarke gets trapped by reapers and someone with a sonic weapon picks her up.
Kane finds out that Abby lets the boys go and give her 10 lashes with an electro whip.
The squad beats the grounder they found for where their friends are and Finn gets a little rough.
Octavia is bait for the Reavers that raided the Grounder town. Fighty fight and they save all the people but Lincoln is not among them.
Anya saves Clarke before she can be brought back to Mount Weather and they find an escape route and have to jump off the edge of the dam.
Finn shoots the grounder in the head after he makes a map to where their people are being held.
Kane decides to lead a mission to negotiate peace with the grounders.
Lincoln shows up as prisoner in Mount Weather and gets marked for the “Cerberus” program
The 100 is really good tvthatiwatch.

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