Major Crimes 3.14

“Trial By Fire” 12/15/14
A gang shooting of an innocent at a bus stop. The girl is intimidated on the stand and the gang-banger gets off.
Rusty brings Jeff, the AD to the office.
The gangers car turns up with a body in the trunk. A rival ganger, Zippo, uses this MO. Sharon’s ex is his lawyer. The father of the killed kid went on a bender, got picked up for a DWI and they found a 38 under the seat. One of the court groupies bought tickets for the family of the deceased to go to Disneyland. He makes a comment that matches the 911 call. Turns out he was a retired school teacher and the gangbanger was the reason he got fired. He was getting back at him and ridding the streets of his kind. Major Crimes is tvthatiwatch

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