How To Get Away With Murder 1.10

“Hello Raskolnikov” 1/29/15
Annalise tells the cops that her husband has gone went missing.
The cops interview all the students.
The team has to now prove her husband killed Lyla.
Lyla went for an abortion appointment. They try to get the patient files opened but get squashed then they figure out they can get her going in.
Annalise gets the pregnancy results back and Lyla was pregnant from Sam.
The tapes show Sam and Lyla were at the abortion clinic and she didn’t want one.
They get the cell phone data and it shows Sam drove all night to get to the sorority.
All of that gets Rebecca off and make sSam the prime suspect.
Connor convinces Michalea and Laurel they should turn themselves in but Laurel tells Wes and Wes tells Annalise who stops them in front of the
Sam’s sister show up and says Annalise is a liar.
How To Get Away With Murder is REALLY good tvthatiwatch.

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