The Newsroom 3.02

“Run” 11/16/14
Neal meets with council.
Reese meets with the twins and they confirm when they turn 25 they get 45% of the company and plan to sell to another company with 6% interest to gain control. Charlie takes them on.
Maggie overhears a conversation from an EPA exec on the train, plans to use the information then decides against it which freaks the guy out.
Don buys stocks that Sloan recommended before she went on the air with it. They decide they are officially a couple.
Hallie does a really unapproapriate tweet about the republican party. She gets fired.
Neal sets things in motion and Will takes it over and tells him to run.
The FBI shows up and it all hits the fan.
Charlie decides to go live on the air with the FBI in the room and they back down.
The Newsroom is damn good tvthatiwatch.

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