The Librarians 1.05

“And the Apple of Discord” 12/28/15
Dragons are returning and so does Flynn. There is apparently a East and West dragon rivalry. Jones mistakenly answers the door and becomes the Arbitor where
Mr. Drake from the Eastern tribe comes to object to the Westerners stealing their mystic pearl.
While Jenkins and Jones deal with the dragons the team goes to Rome to get the pearl. Jake gets the pearl and leaves the team behind. He goes up to the vatican and starts aggressively rearranging the paintings. Eve, Cassandra and Flynn show up and the pearl falls to the ground and out pops the Apple of Discord which brings out the worst part of yourself. Cassandra gets it and in 3 moves lays out Lamia. Then she moves to a nuclear power plant to wreck the most havok. Meanwhile, a Conclave is called of representatives from every mystical division to vocalize their grevances. Jones is not doing so well and
Duloque shows up to hold a vote of no confidence for the librarians. The team tricks Cassandra to drop the apple and Eve and Flynn fight over it but Flynn gets it and heads back to the annex. He confronts the Conclave in his bad boy form and things spiral out of control until Jenkins realizes that Jones should steald the apple from Flynn which he does but Jones isn’t affected because he is the worst part of himself. Jones figures out Mr. Drake started it all and he leaves thereby dissolving the Conclave. Jenkins used to work with Duloque.
The Librarians is surprisingly entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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