The Blacklist 1.10

“Anslo Garrick – Part 2” 12/2/14 Beth and the other operative open the communications with the outside but get captured. Anslo uses her as bait to make red open the door. The take red and Beth and end up escaping as the FBI storms the location. They remove red’s chip so they can’t track him and beth loses him.
Beth gets intel that there was a singal coming from across her street everytime red left the office. She breaks in and sees feeds to her house. Then shoots the guy behind her. His phone calls agent cooper directly so she calls red’s cleaner. They find a warehouse and Reds men do a raid but its not where Red is kept but instead a data repository on the team.
The mastermind behind Anslo shows up and tells Red “they” feel threatened by him going to the fbi and Red assures them it has nothing to do with them.
Red kills Anslo. Beth figures out where Red is and only they just find Anslo dead. Red rabbits but calls her later and says don’t trust your husband. And then she asks him if he is her father and he says no. The Blacklist is entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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