The Blacklist 1.08

“General Ludd” 11/11/14
A plane falls out of the sky. Apparently a movement called General Ludd is trying to take out Wall Street. The try to take out
General Ludd makes another strike on a plane thereby grounding everyone. His real target was money transfer which will now take place via truck which he hijacks to the sum of 500 million. He then blows it up at rally BUt the real target was actually a new design for the 100 dollar bill. He stole the drive and is planning to escape only red takes the drive and gives him up to the FBI.
Elizabeth’s Dad, Sam’s, cancer has come back. Red goes to see him and thanks him for taking Elizabeth in. Sam wants to tell her as he only has 6 weeks to live but Red says no. He is able to say his goodbye right before Red puts a pillow over his face. Red sits at the same table as Tom. The Blacklist is entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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