Teen Wolf 4.12

“Smoke And Mirrors” 9/8/14
Kira’s cell is unlocked and wanders around the labyrinth then run across a Berzerker with Scott’s tatoos. Kate makes him stab Kira.
The pack gear up to go to Mexico. But Lydia gets attacked by a Berzerker. Liam sends Mason to find Lydia and he sees the Berzerker.
Peter says he’s not waiting and takes Malia.
Kira hallucinates her mother is there and she tries to teach her to heal herself.
Derek gives Liam the talisman to train him but its Stiles that calm him.
As they arrive at the Church, Derek gets attacked by a Berzerker and Braeden defends him.
The team gets attacked by a Berzerker too.
Stiles tells his dad to recuse Lydia and Mason.
Parrish, Argent and the Calavera show up to help Derek and Braeden.
Lydia and Mason take baseball bats to the Berzerker but it just bats them away and then Sheriff throws a claymore at it. It was trying to keep Lydia away from telling them the Berzerker is Scott.
Derek dies.
As the team is fighting Berzerker Scott, Stiles runs in and tells everyone its Scott. They let their guard down and Berzerk Scott takes them down. He grabs Liam and tries to kill him but Liam reminds him he is not a monster but a werewolf. He sheds his Berzerker and howls.
Peter and Scott throw down. And Scott realizes he is the protector and thats where his power comes from and goes all Neo on Peter and knocks him out.
Derek goes black wolf and takes down Kate and explodes a Berzerker’s skull.
Argent shoots Kate with a yellow flower bullet. But she still runs.
Argent vows to go after Kate as a member of the Calavera.
They lock Peter in Eichen House with Dr. Valik who shows him his third eye. Teen Wolf is damn entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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