Teen Wolf 4.11

“A Promise To The Dead” 9/1/14
Deaton goes to Eichen House – that apparently has a whole wing of extraordinary people in it – to find Dr. Valik about Kate. Dr Valik has a third eye. Deaton looks at it and goes into a coma. Lydia talks him out of it.
Melissa finds the bag full of money and makes Scott return it to Derek.
Liam is having nightmares and doesn’t want his buddy to leave. He keeps seeing the Berzerkers.
Lydia visits Derek as a banshee.
Kira and Scott have a date and Kate and a Berzerker interrupt it. Fighty fight. And she takes them to the Church from the beginning of the season.
Eichen House forgives the Stilinski’s debt, you know because they almost killed Stiles.
Argent tracks Kate to the sewers and Peter is waiting for him. He stabs him all the way through into the wall. Parrish finds him.
Lacross game and Kira and Scott don’t show up and Liam is losing it. His ex-classmate tries to help him on the field and then afterwords tells him he is very lucky to have Scott as his mentor.
Peter shows up to the game and tells Malia if she wants to meet her mom she has to do something for him. Kill Kate Argent. Kate puts a Berzerker mask on Scott. Teen Wolf is damn entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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