Constantine 1.09

“Quid Pro Quo” 1/23/15
A guy casts a spell to create a smoke monster that attacks a little girl.
John passes some protection spells around the mill to protect Zed.
Two years earlier and Chaz is at a concert and 47 people ends up burning to death by fireworks gone wrong. He wakes up in a hospital bed alive. Turns out the protection spell that John cast on him tsaved him and gave him 47 lives.
People fall into a coma.
Chaz’s daughter falls into the coma as well. John and Zed show up to help. They go to visit a medium. When they contact the girl, someone takes over his body and then catches him on fire.
Zed tries to divine where the spell caster is.
Felix Faust is behind it.
He wants Constantine to get rid of a demon for him.
John and Zed go after the demon and John uses Zed as bait. He vanquishes the demon.
Zed tries to contact the girl and gets zapped.
Faust says no deal so Chaz says he will give his 31 remaining souls to faust in exchange for her life. Then he binds Faust to him and pulls the pin on a grenade
Constantine is tvthatiwatch.

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