Arrow 3.11

“Midnight City” 1/29/15
Laurel is out trying to kick butt but failing miserably till Speedy shows up to save her.
Malcolm wants Thea to leave but she doesn’t want to.
Ray goes to a meeting with the Mayor and all of City Council till Brick shows up and shoots everything.
Oliver is healing with Misao and Tatsu.
Laurel and Speedy make an attempt to rescue the council members and they flub it horribly ending up with one of the members getting shot and the rest still in Brick’s possession.
Brick parlays with the Mayor and tells her to get out of The Glades or everyone dies.
Felicity realizes that they have to do something. She fakes Sara’s voice and gets intel from Quentin. They do a raid and save the members but just barely.
Canary goes to see Quenton.
Felicity gives Ray a quantum chip.
The Dj is an agent of Ras al Ghul and says Merlin isn’t leaving.
Arrow is really good tvthatiwatch.

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