The Flash 1.11

“The Sound And The Fury” 1/27/15
Barry stops a bunch of motorcycle hoodlums called the Royal Flush gang.
Harrison heads home after and gets out of his chair and walks around. He gets a call from someone and all his glass windows shatter above him. He speed forces out of the way. The cops come and Harrison explains it off as an angry victim. Barry figures out it was a rock or explosion. Harrison says it was an ex protege Hartley Rathaway. He turns up the day attacking a tech company downtown with his sonar gloves. Flash stops him and brings him back to STAR Labs but not before he mentions that Harrison has a secret.
Iris gets a job at the newspaper but they only want her for the Flash stories.
Hartley aka The Pied Piper explodes his containment cell, takes out Cisco and Caitlin then goes for Dr. Wells. He takes all of STAR Labs data before he leaves. Wells calls Barry and he runs over to find Harrison in his chair and Hartley has left.
Wells makes a press conference to say Hartley warned about the explosion but he ignored it.
Pied Piper decides to attack the dam. Flash races to stops him. The data that Hartley stole was actually Barry’s stats and the frequency he works at so he takes him out. Dr. Wells uses the satellites to send a frequency to blow up Piper’s gloves.
After they lock him up he tells Cisco he knows where Ronnie Raymond it and what happened to him and he will tell him if he lets him out.
The Flash is really good tvthatiwatch.

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