Teen Wolf 4.10

“Monstrous” 8/24/14
Werekids are being chased in the rain and Kira saves them.
Scott says to Liam we have to move, more assassins are coming and then Scott realizes Liam is on the verge and tells him that he will take him home to his parents.
Sheriff is trying to question Meredith but not getting anywhere. She says she will only talk to Peter Hale. Meredith knows the burned version of Peter. Peter injects his claws in her. Flashback to after the fire and when young Meredith is in the hospital and listening to his comatose ranting and he gave her all the instructions for how to do the dead pool.
Stiles is at the hospital and Melissa makes him and Malia make up then they listen to the tapes.
Argent finds a hydroponcs lab with a yellow flower.
Kira finds the rest of the people on the list and brings them and Satomi to Argents warehouse. A squad comes to take them out, machine guns blazing. Huge fighty fight. Scott gets more and more aggressive.
Malia and Stiles go to the room and listen to the record but it doesn’t do them any good. Stiles shuts it off and Malia still hear things so they break down the wall and find an old IBM computer. They find the key and Stiles turns it. Everyone gets a message “ALL CONTRACTS TERMINATED”
Meredith becomes more centered.
Peter vows to kill Scott. Teen Wolf is damn entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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