Gotham 1.13

“Welcome Back, Jim Gordon” 1/26/15
Fish gets taken to Bob. Butch starts looking for her.
Bullock and Gordon work a case of a dead drug dealer.
The only witness is brought back to the precinct and gets stabbed in an interrogation room.
Bruce is looking for Selina and runs across Ivy.
Jim looks into who removed the watch logs on the interrogation room and run in to a corrupt cop named Delaware that has the same drugs in his trunk as the dead dealer.
Penguin is in line to take over Fish’s club.
Gordon and Bullock go to raid a warehouse and find Delaware who has a search and seizure already.
The commissioner signed the document. The commissioner also got the ME to rule the witness died of a suicide by stabbing himself in the back with an ice pick.
Zasaz shoot Bob.
Nigma still woos Kringle.
Gordon goes to see Penguin to ask for some info on Detective Flask.
Fish shows up at the bar and so does Zasaz. Butch sacrifices himself for her.
Selina show up at Wayne Manor and Bruce gives her a snow globe. He asks her to move in and she says no because she doesn’t know anything about his parents death.
Penguin’s number two drops off the ice pick and confession for Flask.
Gordon rallys to troops to arrest Flask.
Bullock sees Fish off at the dock and she asks him to save Butch.
Delaware find Gordon and begs him not to hurt his wife and child and he is mortified.
Gotham is really good tvhtatiwatch.

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