Agent Carter 1.04

“The Blitzkrieg Button” 1/27/15
Jarvis is doing a deal with some smugglers while Peggy takes out the rest of them. They knock them all out and open the train door and reveal Stark. Peggy smuggles him into the Griffin.
Sousa tries to figure out if there were any witnesses to the boat incident.
The head of the SSR goes to Germany to interview a nazi about the battle of Finau, he leaves Jack Thompson in charge.
Starks wants Peggy to get one of his bad babies from the SSR lab. Turns out its Steve Rogers blood.
An assassin wants to take out Peggy for messing up the deal from the beginnning.
Another woman from the Griffin stumbles on the assassin and acrobatically takes him out.
At SSR the typewriter starts typing.
Agent Carter is tvthatiwatch.

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