The Librarians 1.04

“And Santa’s Midnight Run” 12/21/14
A robbery at a soup kitchen is halted by none other than Santa Clause who gets darted by missletoe.
Jenkins realizes it and then tells everyone that the Santa goes around and stores the good will and cheer of everyone and then releases it every Christmas to give everyone a positive attitude to get them through the next year. Dulaque decides to stop him from releasing it and take it for the Serpant Brotherhood. The team decides to hunt down the Brotherhood. Eva and Jake find the location and Dulaque tries to take them out but Jake starts grabbing artifacts and tossing them in the air while Cassandra and Ezekiel rescue Santa. Everyone escapes and Eve takes Santa and tries to deliver him to the north pole while Cassandra, Ezekiel and Jake lead the Brotherhood on a chase. Ezekiel wears Santa hat makes him do good. Santa can’t find his sleigh so Eve has to drive him. They end up on a plane and Dulaque and Lamia show up in santa’s sleigh and disable the plane. The team tricks Dulaque into wearing the hat to gain power but it of course makes him just want to please them. Dulaque takes it off and jumps out of the plane. When Santa tries to release the good, he can’t do it and has to transfer his power into a vessel like the last child born on the night before Christmas… Eve. She spreads the good will and saves the day.
The Librarians is surprisingly entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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