Jane The Virgin 1.10

“Chapter Ten” 1/19/15
A hurricane is on the way and all the patients recovering in the hotel are moved to the hospital.
The secret staircase leads to an operating room.
Alba is in a coma and the hospital says as soon as the hurricane is over they are deporting her.
Rose goes to see Luisa in the mental institution. Rafael has to fire 15% of the staff and Jane wants her friends to save them.
When a tree flies through Petra’s window, her captive frees himself and ties up her mom, then runs away.
Alba wakes up.
Michael and Nadine figure out that operating room is modifying the faces of criminals.
Rose throws it out that she thinks Mr. Solano is Sin Rostro because he took 5 million out to head to Croatia, who has no extradition.
Jane The Virgin is really good tvthatiwatch.

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