The Mysteries of Laura 1.10

“The Mystery of the Fertility Fatality” 12/10/14
THe mayor calls in a favor on a missing golf buddy/fertility doctor, Carl Foster, who never came home last night. Following a lead on a possible affair with a beautiful Becky down at the horse track, Laura and Billy interview a bartender who clears up that Beautiful Becky is a horse. Her stall in the stables has more than muck in the hay, we find the missing doctor. Beautiful Becky is owned by “hobby horsers” who live in Mikanos half of the year. The new nanny, Alicia, takes the boys to tae kwan do, where they are apparently bullying a little girl. Billy chases after a jockey who runs off when he sees “the fuzz” interogating people only to find the tiny man hiding in a tiny box. They take him in for questioning; Foster was acting as the jockey’s doctor, giving him HCG to help him lose weight. Not everybody was fond of Foster, a patient had been arguing with him. Autopsy says air embolism was cause of death for the doctor. The fertility clinic was very successful. Alicia calls Laura home to deal with helicopter moms who think that the twins are sociopaths because Laura is a failure as a parent. They are staging an intervention for her, rude. Foster’s partner says that the irrate patient was upset because of the HCG injections she was giving herself at home and the mood swings they caused, the nursing called her “Crazy Daisy.” Back at home the intervention continues, pointing out that Laura is a “yeller” “be proud, not loud.” Laura figures out that the little girl is actually crying wolf to punish boys so they get kicked out (she’s done it before at school.) Meridith interviews Daisy at the juice bar where she works. Foster has high pregnancy rates, but Dr. Platt has higher live birth rates. One of the nurses at Foster’s clinic was pedling stolen embryos to patients. Nurse Elena still works at the clinic. Max plays private eye with the evil girl’s mom. Nurse Elena thinks that “leftover” embryos should be able to used in other patients who have “bad eggs.” Laura goes around the ultrasound probe. Turns out that the pregnancy vs. live births numbers are important because the office is playing old ultrasounds so that they can bump their pregnancy numbers and stay popular in the fertility game. People on HCG always show positive pregnancy tests. In the interogation room the partner doctor argues their practice (not well). Jack points out that that’s still fraud. Max gets on the phone with the evil girl’s school and finds out the name of the boy she got booted. All of the moms that Meridith and Billy interview seems like normal overly happy moms. Laura and Billy go to talk to a woman who didn’t show for the interviews. Laura sneezes at the husbands jacket because it has horse dander on it from the track. Husband Jason does some ‘splaining, some self-hate and tries to light himself on fire but Laura kicks him off of the building’s roof first. You know, to save him. Billy says relationships are tough. Max finds that evil girl has gotten boys expelled all over, even from summer camp. Laura confronts the mom. Turns out that evil girl is even more evil that you think. Mysteries of Laura is fun TV that I watch.

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