Teen Wolf 4.09

“Perishable” 8/18/14
Deputy Hate ties Perrish to his steering wheel and lights him on fire. Back at the precinct he applies for the 5 million and Parrish walks in and beats the crap out of him but Sheriff gets shot. Stiles is worried about the bills.
Liam printer goes crazy and continues to print the list.
Braeden drops in to see Hate.
The Beacon Hill Bonfire is a thing. Malia and Liam are there getting drunk only they can’t because they are werewolves but they are because someone ruffied the drinks or something. Scott tries to help them. Then he succumbs and realizes its the music and tries to stop it. Then a bunch of rent a cops abduct them and decide to burn them per Hate’s instructions. Gay lacross player figures out that Scott didn’t shut the music off so he pulls the plug. Scott starts to stop them and Braeden and Derek kick the abductors asses.
Lydia and Stiles try to decript grandma’s code and find out a list of names. All of whom died at Eichen house. Stiles decides to payoff the creepy janitor to get into the old files. While there they realize he has a tape machine. Then he abducts them and says I released all those people and I’m goint to release you too. He makes Lydia listen to her grandma’s tape that says please don’t hurt Ariel, the nickname she gave her. Then Parrish, who also figured out that Creepy Janitor was on all the death reports from Eichen, shoots him. Lydia figures out that he used Meredith to create the dead pool. Only right before he dies he says “She was controlling me” and Meredith walks around the corner. Teen Wolf is damn entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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