Teen Wolf 4.08

“Time of Death” 8/11/14
Rafael has to do a shoot report.
Scott fakes his death to bring out the Benefactor. Basically Kira electocutes him. Argent and Stiles try to Call the benefactor out.
Braeden sneaks over to Derek and sees he is not healing and his eyes won’t turn. So she decides to teach him some skills.
Scott dreams he is wandering around the school and is given a list of people he has to kill. The mute kills Liam.
Malia goes to the vault and Peter shows up. Wants to help her find her mom.
Lydia goes to the boat house and her mom follows. Grandma died at Eichen house. The whole boat house is made of mountain ash.
The Berserkers show up at the hospital and take out Kira and Liam.
Kate shows up in the morgue and wants Scott’s body but Argent tells her they have a plan and please please leave. Then Kate runs to Peter and says Scott is still alive and he says thank god.
Kira’s mom gets stabbed.
Scott infers that the Benefactor might be a Banshee as they can tell if someone dies.
Lydia’s grandma apparently wrote code before she died and she might not be dead…
Teen Wolf is damn entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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