Teen Wolf 4.07

“Weaponized” 8/4/14
The Chemist
is experimenting on a wolf while listening to a mix tape.
Scott and Stiles are contemplating keeping the money.
The PSAT’s go down and the administering instructor is the same doctor. Coach does not show up as an instructor and the science teacher find himpassed out in his office. A student falls over in the middle of the test and there is a rash on her wrist. The teacher checks on the Coach and he has it too. She calls the CDC and quarantines the school.
Satomi visits Deaton with a wolf that has been infected. He calls Melissa to help but the guy dies. They do a autopsy and Deaton figures out its a form of canine distemper and Saomi doesnt have cause she drink stea.
Braeden was at the Satomi massacur and realizes it was an infection.
Lydia gets all of Meredith’s stuff and there is a pic taken in Lydia’s room.
The wolfs start to transform so head to the Hale Vault.
Stiles figures out it was the ink blotter and the PSAT instructor was the one who did it just as the PSAT instructor puts a gun to his head. Then Rafeal shoots the PSAT instructor in the head.
The kids start to go blind which is the last phase.
Satomi goes BAD ASS on a assassin, dodges bullets and stabs her.
Stiles yells to Scott to find the tea and everyone is healed.
Malia reads the list and figures out she is a Hale. Teen Wolf is damn entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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