Outlander 1.01

“Sassenach” 8/9/14 End of the first world war and medic Claire and her husband Frank have a second honeymoon in Inverness, Scotland to reconnect after spending the last 5 years lost in the war. The housemaiden reads her tea leaves and her palm and sees her future holds a journey with a forked path. They both go up to a mountain to watch a druidic ritual the night of Samhain otherwise known as Halloween, when she goes back to pick a flower she found she hears a sound coming from a rock and touches it and wakes up in the 1700’s. British soldiers chase a man through the forest and take a shot at her so she run and stumbles into a man who looks like her husband but he is in fact Jonathan Randall of her Magesty’s 8th Dragoons. He tries to rape her and a scotsman saves her, coldcocks her and takes her to his enclave. They ask her who she is when an injured man, Jamie, needs assistance she steps in and gives him medical aid reseting his dislocated shoulder. The next day they ride and she remember a history lesson her husband was giving her about a local rock monument and warns them of a redcoat attack saving their lives. She escapes during the melee but Jamie finds her and convinces her to go with him again. That night he falls off their horse and she realizes he was shot in the attack. She gives him more medical treatment and they continue their ride to a castle. It sound slike a lot happened in the show but nothing did. Its very slow. Outlander might not be tvthatiwatch.

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